Sync loop when Google Drive is full, using about 100GB of data per day

My Google Drive got full while odrive was syncing files from my Mac to it, and I was unaware of it. There were still files left to sync, so odrive kept sending data to Google Drive but the sync never completed because of the full Drive. It kept going on for about 7 days before I realised what was happening, using a massive amount data from my data plan. Is there any way to fix this, like an error message that the Drive is full and then automatically stop syncing?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Merry007,
I’m sorry you ran into this.

Currently a “not enough storage” error is considered “correctable”, so the items will go into “not allowed” for a while and then be retried later, in the hopes that some space has been added or cleared.

We are going to improve this behavior in our next major release so that the user is actively notified of the issue (instead of passively) and we will not retry, ad infinitum.

My apologies for the inconvenience and confusion.