Sync issues with any folders, document, ect, with "/" or "$" in the name

PFB screenshot.


Is this correct? If correct What name type, symbol type file you do not sync?

Hi @ravi,
The characters depend on the operating system. The ‘$’ character should be fine on both Windows and Mac.

In Windows: / ? < > \ : * | " are not allowed by the operating system, along with leading and trailing whitespace.

On Mac / and : can trigger not allowed exceptions, along with leading and trailing whitespace.

Because google sheet/doc allows using special characters in the name of a file. Does it mean all file with special character is not getting synced? And in order to sync them, we need to change the name of all files? (I mean this a pain).

Hi @ravi,
That is correct. The names with special characters are being rejected by the operating system when trying to create the local file. If you want to be able to see those files within Explorer or Finder the illegal characters will need to be removed, unfortunately.