Sync home folder of linux box


I already have a synced folder to one of my cloud drives. Its my home folder. All files where previously synced via rsync.

How can I reestablish this sync via odrive?

I believe you are asking how you can sync your home folder to your cloud storage using odrive agent, is that correct?

You should be able to do this by creating an odrive mount (using the “mount” command) from your home folder to the desired folder in the cloud. For example: mount “$HOME” “/Amazon Cloud Drive/My_home_folder”

Thanks, yes I want my complete home sync to the online storage using the odrive agent.

But AFAIK the odrive agent needs the “cloudf” points inside the mounted directory to map for each cloud-storage?
And what about the existing files. Will the odrive agent recognize the files remote und locally beeing already synced? What happens if some file is not in sync during this procedure?

odrive will try attempt to determine if the files locally already exist in the cloud. If it can make that determination, it will not re-upload them.

You can try this out on a test directory if you want to see the behavior. It should provide what you are looking for.