Sync Google Photos?

Is there a way to sync my google photos to my desktop with oDrive?

Google Photos isn’t listed as a storage you can link, but Google Drive is. You can create a folder for your Google Photos in Google Drive, then sync to Google Drive with oDrive.

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Sign in to Google Drive with your Google Account. Click on the cog icon located at the top-right corner of your screen and select Settings > General.

Scroll to Create a Google Photos folder and tick the Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive checkbox:

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Google Drive and Google Photos should be considered separate services. As @beacon5 said, there is an integration that Google has with Google Drive and Google Photos that allows you to view your Google Photos from a folder within Google Drive. Google Photos doesn’t have a specific integration available that allows 3rd party linking, so we are not able to link to it directly.

Important Note: Unfortunately, any photos/videos you upload to the Google Photos folder via Google Drive (if the above integration is enabled) will still count against your quota, no matter what the size or the settings in Google Photos.

This means it is fine to sync Google Photos down to your system from within Google Drive, but you should be aware of the implication of uploading new files to that folder.