Sync Folder but exclude subfolder



Is it possible to Sync an External folder, but exclude a specific subfolder? I.E.

Root Folder
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/ SYNC

/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Media/ Do Not Sync
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Projects/ SYNC
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Exports/ SYNC

I know you can unsync individual folders, but I want to share the folder with someone and not have to have them un-sync specific folders. I don’t want them to have access to the data in the folder to begin with


Hi @matt6,
Currently, the only way to have folders excluded from sync its for them to contain a name pattern that odrive ignores. For example, adding a ~ character to the beginning of the folder.


That could work, as the folder that I want to exclude is always going to be the same name. Our project folder follows the exact same structure each time, I just want to exclude a folder called 01_CAMERA_RAW as it’s usually many TB’s of data

Where can I configure name pattern exclusions?


Hi @matt6,
There isn’t currently a way to specify custom exclusions, so you would need to use one of the defaults, like the ~ character.

Take a look here for the complete “ignore” list: