Sync Folder but exclude subfolder


Is it possible to Sync an External folder, but exclude a specific subfolder? I.E.

Root Folder
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/ SYNC

/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Media/ Do Not Sync
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Projects/ SYNC
/Volumes/SAN/Project_10/Exports/ SYNC

I know you can unsync individual folders, but I want to share the folder with someone and not have to have them un-sync specific folders. I don’t want them to have access to the data in the folder to begin with

Hi @matt6,
Currently, the only way to have folders excluded from sync its for them to contain a name pattern that odrive ignores. For example, adding a ~ character to the beginning of the folder.

That could work, as the folder that I want to exclude is always going to be the same name. Our project folder follows the exact same structure each time, I just want to exclude a folder called 01_CAMERA_RAW as it’s usually many TB’s of data

Where can I configure name pattern exclusions?

Hi @matt6,
There isn’t currently a way to specify custom exclusions, so you would need to use one of the defaults, like the ~ character.

Take a look here for the complete “ignore” list:

I came here to ask the exact same question. Being able to exclude subfolders is a pretty crucial feature for me, and I’m surprised it doesn’t exist. Surely this would not be too complex to implement? Please add this feature!

Hi @alisoncastle,
We added an advanced Premium feature to the product a little while ago that can be used to add items to our global ignore list.

You can access this by opening up the odrive_user_premium_conf.txt file in the root of the odrive folder.

In the BlackListNames section there are a couple of examples. You can replace thumbs.db with the folder name of the folder you want to ignore. Make sure you type in the folder name in all lowercase letters. For example, if you want to ignore a folder named Ignore This Folder, you would replace thumbs.db in the config file with ignore this folder.

Once you make the change, save the file and then restart odrive.