Sync Files to Amazon Cloud Drive take too long

I try to upload my files to Amazon cloud drive it seem to take too long than usual for example 1 GB files take like day to upload it cloud you help me fix this problem.

Hi @prasopchok_copter
1GB files could take a while to upload. Amazon Drive is also known to have some issues uploading larger files, especially on slower connections. Are you able to see how fast you are uploading, speed-wise? It could be possible that some files are starting over, again and again.

We have our IFS option, which can be used to get larger files up easier. Keep in mind that this put the files in a special chunked format that means you will need to use odrive to seamlessly access them. You can find out more about this format here:

My upload speed is 1 MB but I trying to check odrive network while upload to Amazon cloud drive is not working.
so I try to upload my flies to my google drive it’s work just fine, seem like the problems are from amazon side.

Are you still seeing this? When you say “it is not working”, can you tell me what you mean by that? What is happening after you add a file into the Amazon Drive folder?

You can bypass Odrive by upload the file directly using Amazon Drive program.
Odrive is very slow when uploading files, far more slow then usual, on the same computer using the same connection, Amazon program are much much faster.
For some reason the Odrive support dont help on this issue

We’ve gotten reports going both ways. Many folks say the opposite: that odrive is much faster. I suspect that there may be different endpoints that are being hit between the two applications. We are told via Amazon’s API where to go to connect based on the user’s account. It is possible that we are told to connect to a less efficient endpoint than the Amazon client, in some cases.

There definitely seems to be a regional component to the reports.

Do you notice the same issue when uploading via the odrive web client?

In the last month or so I had experience both Odrive and Amazone program from various places, Israel and US. for my tests, the results were conclusive, if I want to upload more then 5 files with sizes of 300Mb or larger I rather choose to upload them using amazon program, it was faster and without interruption or cutoffs in between, although I am connected with wire connections.
On smaller file size I didnt see much of a difference.