Sync files in folder automatically (without having to double click)

I have a google drive account in my odrive folder. I want to have all the content files in the google drive folder to automatically sync to my computer (I want them accessible and am okay with them taking up space on the hard drive). When I double click on a file, it begins to sync. When I right click on the folder, it gives me an option to sync but does not actually do anything.
Am I missing something?

When you right-click->sync on a folder, you should see a sync window pop-up. Make sure it isn’t hidden behind some other windows, which can happen sometimes.

Here is more information about this:

Thanks for the reply Tony. I did indeed remember to click the “sync all” button behind my other windows. It syncs all the folders within my Google Drive folder but does not sync the individual files ( unless I individually double click on each one of them). Do you know what is going on?

Hi @david.beltramo,
It should be syncing the files according to what the slider on that pop-up is set to. If you want to sync everything you need to slide it all the way to the right so that it says “Everything”. Also make sure the “Include subfolders” item is checked.

Did you try that yet?

My free trial expired. Is the sync button no longer there?

This is offered in the free version, as well. It should be there.

Maybe you can take a screenshot of what you are seeing? That way I can be sure I’m on the same page for this issue.

Thanks for the reply. Here’s a screenshot:

The bulk “sync” and “unsync” options are replaced with the “stop” option when there is active syncing happening in that folder. If you wanted to perform a recursive sync you would need to click on “stop” and then click “sync”. Alternatively, you can wait until whatever is syncing has completed before attempting to download everything.