Sync files/folders to multiple linked services

Hi all,

I may be missing something, I just downloaded oDrive a few minutes ago, but how do I send a file to multiple services at the same time for redundancy?

i.e. if I want to send a photo to Amazon AND Google AND Dropbox is that possible or do I have to drag them to each on?

Thanks a ton!

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The main purpose of odrive is to give you access to all your sources. Each source is a folder within odrive. So each folder is linked to one source.

I understand you want a file to automatically go to multiple services at the same time. This is not supported by odrive. We considered this in the past but there are many complications with syncing multiple sources.

I’ll put this into the feature request category for future reference.


I would really, really love to see this feature implemented. Having odrive backup a folder to multiple clouds in a real-time manner would make this software perfect for my needs. Right now I use odrive as a real-time-“backup” to gdrive and then i mirror the gdrive on a weekly basis (via GoodSync) to the amazon cloud.

Any timeline of when this will happen? This is basically the main reason why you would use odrive, as otherwise you could install the apps for the cloud storage entities themselves.