Sync file accessd by other application?

sorry if this has been asked before but i haven’t found any answer so far

what i understand from odrive now is that it will sync every file inside a folder when i open that folder, but what if that folder needs to be accessed by a certain application ?

in my case, since i’m a computer science student, my storage are filled with project files, be it unity, websites, nodeJS or any other project that if opened manually, will contains like hundreds of subfolders and files that i never need to open manually since the project is usually opened straight from the IDE, my question is, if i try to open it from the IDE or any other application, will it automatically sync or how ?

in the case of dropbox or any other cloud storage, sync happened when i start my computer, so when i open the project with my IDE i can be sure that it’s already the latest version, but how does it work with odrive since it only sync files on demand when i open the folder ?

i’m aware that in odrive i can manually sync a certain folder down to all of its subfolders when i wanted to, but does that mean i need to right click on my project folder and sync it before opening it in my IDE everytime i need to work on a project ?

thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @billy.adam1,
You are correct. The IDEs will not know how to properly interact with placeholders, so they cannot trigger an expand of folders or a download of files.

In Free odrive, you would need to perform a recursive sync on the folder you want to access.

With Premium, you can use sync folder rules to set certain folders as “always sync”. You can read more about that here:

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Hi Tony,
Thankyou for your reply, one more question though
say if i do perform a recursive sync to the folder that i want to work with, after i work, a lot of files will be changed inside the folder, will the odrive automatically sync the files inside without me needing to open the folders inside or how ?

Hi @billy.adam1,
odrive will automatically upload any changed files on your computer, as long as they are not in our ignore list.