Sync external HD folder with no premium account


I’m trying Odrive and I have a week of premium features. I´m syncing an external HD folder (with its subfolders) using “sync to Odrive” function with Amazon Cloud Drive and works ok on Windows 10. But I have a question: When my trial week expires, will this function still work or is only for premium users? Will be this folder unsynced then?

Is there any way to sync an external HD folder to Amazon Cloud without a premium Odrive account?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english…

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Hi @xabiman2006,

Yes, the folder you set up with “sync to odrive” will no longer sync; the relationship will be removed. The folder will not be unsynced.

The only supported way, currently, is using “sync to odrive”, which is a Premium feature.

If your use case is more of a backup rather than sync need, we will be releasing a backup feature soon that may be offered at a lower price than the current Premium subscription.


Ok. Thank you very much for your fast reply and best regards.