Sync error with Google Drive - handshake timeout

I have ongoing sync errors with the odrive app and Google folders. It tries to sync to both a free Google Drive as well as several (paid) Google Workspace drives. In all instances the files to be synced keep piling up in the “Waiting” status and stay there until I manually move them to the Google drives (which obviously defeats the purpose of having odrive in the first place). The error log for all files and drives shows

Error: code GD_OTHER_ERROR - No resume range returned by GoogleDrive caused by ConnectionError((’_ssl.c:711: The handshake operation timed out’,))

To remedy, I have uninstalled odrive sign an app cleaner and reinstalled, but to no avail. Does anybody have any clues???

Hi @tapoensgen,
Let’s see if we can figure out what is happening. Can you do the following?

  • Make sure you have the latest version of odrive installed. It sounds like you may have already done this when you performed the uninstall and reinstall. (Set Up Your odrive)
  • Try uploading again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu.
    How do I send a diagnostic?

Can you also answer these questions?

  • Were you able to use odrive without these issue, previously?
  • If so, can you think of anything that has changed? (network, background monitoring/scanning applications, etc…)
  • Are you able to download files without issues?
  • Do you have any other storage linked, besides Google? If so, are you able to upload there?

Hi @Tony
Thanks for the quick response. I had already sent the diagnostics file just after posting here, but I’ll do it again now. As to your questions:

  • odrive works perfectly well and has worked well in the past, although this issue has cropped up a few months ago, unfortunately, I can’t really tell with some precision
  • The only think I can think of is that installed Lockdown, an addition firewall. That give me to think and I switched it off and - lo and behold - odrive synced successfully (confirmed though main.log). I have now added to the whitelist of Lockdown and hope that fixes it.
  • Downloads workfine
  • All other storage, OneDrive, Dropbox etc work fine

I think this should fix the issue and I hope this is also helpful to you and others. Thanks again!

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Great @tapoensgen! Thanks for the quick and thorough response.

When you upload, it is going direct to Google, so whitelisting may not be sufficient. Is there a way to whitelist the odrive application, itself?

Hi @Tony
When I upload with Lockdown switched on, I upload directly to the Google Workspace Drive. When I switch Lockdown off, odrive immediately syncs as expected. But this is only my workaround, since Lockdown seems to be blocking odrive. Ideally odrive should work with Lockdown switched on, as do all other apps on my Mac.
Whitelisting did not resolve the problem. I still have to switch Lockdown off and on to allow syncing. There appears to be no obvious way to whitelist an app, but I can find out from the Lockdown team (hopefully).
What other odrive domains (if any) should I whitelist? I have added, but to no avail…

Hi @Tony - did you have any further thoughts on the above?

Hey @tapoensgen,
When odrive is connecting to Google, it is direct, so the domains would be:

Give those a try.

Hello @Tony,

I’m also having trouble uploading while Lockdown is on (same handshake timeout error), but for me it is to Dropbox, could you please let us know the domains to whitelist? I already have and

One interesting thing is that Lockdown, at least for me, does not report blocking anything.

Also, FYI the odrive menu bar app also locks up if odrive tries to upload something but cannot, I have to disable Lockdown, killall odrive and then start odrive again to upload. I’m on macOS 12.4.



Hi @joe1,
I took a look at this and found an area for improvement in our network handling. Can you try this version and see if it behaves better?

To install:

  1. Exit odrive
  2. Download the installer from the link above
  3. Install

Hi @Tony,

That one works perfectly, ie it syncs while Lockdown is on and the menu bar app does not stall, thanks so much for the awesome support!

Thanks again,


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Great! Thanks for confirming @joe1. We’ll roll this fix into our next release.

Great! thanks for such an awesome product.

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