Sync Current Ongoing Files with `.part extension failed to create

During a download of files using Firefox it happens that the original file cann’t be created as for some reason Odrive is in Sync with the extension `.Part file while Firefox wants to create the original extension, how can I avoid this ?

Hello @pdebaene,

Are you saving the files to the Download folder or another folder that is being sync’d by odrive? That would certainly cause this issue.

If odrive tries to upload the file while it is downloading (or right when it completes downloading but before it renames to the proper file name) and it has the file handle open, it can’t be renamed.

Can you try downloading to a different loctaion, and perhaps try disabling the download scan in Firefox? It’s also possible that may be prolonging the time the .part is around after completing download.

Thanks for your response …
I’m saving the files from a different location ( not odrive ) to my amazon Cloud.
I’m not sure I understand “Disabling the download scan in Firefox” , how canI achieve this ?

Is it possible to add for example not to take into account certain type of files duringthe sync ? For example to
ignore files with extension .part ?


Hi Patrick,

I’m not clear on the flow here, can you elaborate a bit more on this? By “saving files from a different location” do you mean you are uploading files to Amazon Cloud from a different computer or location then trying to download via odrive web interface on another machine?

Hi Patrick,

As a follow up this is what we think may be happening:

The file is being downloaded from Firefox into a folder that odrive is monitoring. odrive monitors that file and tries to upload it. If Firefox is letting the .part file sit for a few seconds after all the data has been downloaded, then odrive is going to pick it up and start syncing. Since odrive has the file handle open, Firefox won’t be able to rename it.

We suggested disabling scanning because it should shorten the time that Firefox leaves the file in its temp state after download is complete.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your response and I think you’re right on the cause of the issue.

As a solution I’ll download first to a directory not synchronized by odrive until Firefox finish the download and then
copy it the original directory synchronized by odrive.


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