Sync client never updates (Mac)

My sync client never gets the automatic updates. It hasn’t happened ever. Is there any way to force it to auto-update without downloading the installer? Restarting odrive doesn’t do it. Seems silly to use an installer, if there is a framework to update within the app.


Hi @staffan,
It may be that our autoupdates are just going out later than you (and we) expect.

There are times where our autoupdates are not pushed out for a while after a release of a new version. It depends on the nature of the fixes and some other factors, like if we want to see the performance/behavior of the current release for a while, or anticipate a follow-up release on the heels of the current release. The latest desktop version, for example, has not been pushed out to the autoupdate yet. We planned to autoupdate last week, but found a few additional issues that we want to address with a new release (hopefully this week) in which case we’ll autoupdate very quickly after release.

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