Sync big file with OpenDrive

I’m trying to upload a 4GB file to OpenDrive, but it reach more or less 25% and then restart from 0%. My connection is stable, if I try to upload via web to OpenDrive I have no problem.

Thanks for support

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu after you see this happen? I’ll take a look.

I sent it right now.

Can you try it again. The diagnostic didn’t make it over, unfortunately.

Hi Tony,
yes, just sent.


Thanks. I see it now. I see a few errors on a large file (4GB) and they are all network related where OpenDrive stops responding or cuts off the connection and then odrive needs to start over.

Have you tried uploading this large file with another WebDAV client, just to se if the behavior is the same?

For that I have the same problem with another WebDAV client, I tried Cyberduck. So it’s probably a OpenDrive error. I’ll check with them.

But now I have the same problem with a 2GB file to be uploaded with dropbox. I sent you diagnostic right now.

Odrive uses the Webdav to access Opendrive which is extremely unreliable and unstable. I can not use Odrive at all with Opendrive because it randomly wont open folders at all and behaves extremely unstable. However, so does the Opendrive Webdav. Both on Mac and Win

You should look into using FUSE with Opendrive since that is what the Opendrive client uses and it is thousand times more reliable and stable then Webdav or Odrive with Opendrive.

If you have folders with 1TB+ data inside, i have never been able to manage to even open a folder through Odrive with Opendrive, it just throws an unexpected error, or some error message about the folder not existing on the webdav.

Guys please, dont use webdav for integration when the company has made the API available ;(

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