Sync between different Odrive folders?

I have Odrive setup so that in my Odrive folder there are three folders - Dropbox, Onedrive and Google drive.
I had thought that Odrive would then be able to sync selected folders within all three.
e.g. I might have a subfolder in each of those areas called Transfer, and if I added a file to my Dropbox/Transfer then Odrive would automatically copy it into the other two on OneDrive and Google.

I cannot see how to get this to happen!
Maybe that is not what Odrive does?

Advice and suggestions welcomed.


Hi @astephensonclarke,

Sorry for the confusion, odrive doesn’t make any creation / modification to the data automatically until initiated by user or so. I am afraid, you have to manually copy your files to all cloud services folders to sync your desired data.

Please learn more about odrive here:


OK so if it is manual can I see my Odrive folders from an iPad either on a web page or an App - nothing seen in the App store…

Currently, there are no native apps released for iOS / Android devices but user can still access files using our mobile compatible web interface.

Please try out below link in your iPad


Ok, I can see my folders, and th files in there but cannot copy one (to paste it to another area) as the dropdown is for delete/rename/share and tapping it opens it in the browser.

Looks like a dead end therefore - oh well…