Sync AWS EC2 to Desktop or preferably to Linux server?

I do not see EC2 on the list of compatible services, but I did read a forum post about uploading to EC2.

I have image files that are created on an AWS EC2 server. Will Odrive allow me to automatically sync to my Linux server - if necessary via another cloud host?

If not, any suggestions would be appreciated. Prefer an automated system, but could live with something that needs my manual action via my desktop PC.

EC2 is compute and not a storage target, like S3, so there isn’t anything to integrate to directly as a storage source.

I assume that your EC2 instance is running Linux or Windows, in which case you can install an odrive client on there to sync to your remote storage, like your Linux server, directly using FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV. Alternatively you can set it up in the other direction, by running a SFTP, FTP, or WebDAV server on the EC2 instance and connecting to it from your Linux server.

Thanks for the reply Tony.

To revise my description.

Files are being generated on the EC2 server. I want to get those files onto my desktop and some onto my shared hosting, which offers little opportunity to install software.

It sounds like odrive will allow auto sync to my desktop. Can odrive help me to do a one way sync to my shared Linux server - either directly or via my desktop - preferably in an automated way?

Thanks Ckinsella

There are probably a few ways to do this. Here’s what I think would be the most simple, assuming you want all of the EC2 generated files on both your desktop and the hosted server:

  • Link the hosted server to odrive via FTP or SFTP (I assume the hosted server has FTP or SFTP server access)
  • Install odrive Agent on the EC2 instance:
  • Use the EC2 folder where the files are generated as the Agent mount, pointed to the appropriate location inside the hosted server’s SFTP/FTP link.
  • Install the odrive Desktop client on your Desktop.

What this would do is automatically sync any files generated on the EC2 server to the hosted server over the odrive SFTP/FTP link. You can also access those items on your Desktop using odrive via the same SFTP/FTP link.

Would that work?