Sync any folder + encryption?

is it possible to use the sync an arbitrary folder feature and also have it be encrypted? currently it looks like no since you are not able pick a sync destination in the Encryptor folder


Currently this isn’t possible, but we are looking at offering this in our future version of encryption.

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@valan your suggestion sounds great!!
And also, please, enable 2-factor authentication!!

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I requested this exact feature in this thread but odrive has yet to weigh in on these suggestions. Suggested feature enhancements for encryption

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Sorry folks. Busy, busy. This is planned as part of the new encryption, although it may not be in the first cut.


Good to hear Tony!!!

Yeah, I was also wondering about this; I, too, tried to sync a folder outside of my odrive folder to an “Encryptor” destination – and it didn’t work; but the error message was a bit cryptic (“This folder is only accessible with the odrive sync desktop application”) and I couldn’t find any definitive documentation anywhere that it wasn’t supported. Thanks for asking, cuz I was going to ask too!

Good to hear it’s a planned feature.

There is a workaround, however, that’s been working for me: use filesystem links (hard or symbolic links/symlinks) and/or junctions to link the folder you want to sync into a location in the odrive folder. The “source” folder would be the folder you want to sync, and the “destination” would be the location in odrive.

Here’s a handy guide to filesystem links which includes how to do it on Windows and Linux (which also works on Mac and other Unix-based systems), as well as a link to a handy GUI tool (an explorer shell extension) to make it easier on Windows:

You don’t get the badge icons if you browse to the source/original folder, but you do get them when you browse to the destination/link inside the odrive folder.

NB: This doubles as a handy way to link arbitrary folders into the folder of any given native desktop sync client. : ) But it’s certainly easier to do it with the odrive desktop client’s feature.

I missed this previously, but I just wanted to point back to another thread that had some discussion on using symlinks/junctions. We don’t officially support them and often recommend not using them, although there are more advanced users who use them successfully:

A user had an issue with symlinks recently which caused a bunch of confusion some inadvertent user deletion of data, so I just wanted to make sure folks are aware of the potential complexities with that sort of setup.

Has there been an update on this at all? I have preexisting files I would like to encrypt on Amazon Drive, and the process of redownloading all of them, and then reuploading, would be a bit of a hassle.

Hi @nicksatin,
The new encryption is all part of the massive update we are working on for odrive. Please note, though, that the new version will still need to download the file, encrypt, and re-upload, but it will make the process simpler and in-line.

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