Sync a folder to Amazon Cloud Drive on a folder with a different name


I need your help and support for something simples - I did it in the past but I can’t do it again. I have three Mac computers - desktop and two notebooks. So, I created on Amazon Cloud Drive (AMC) a folder named “Downloads” with 3 subfolders - Computer 1, Computer 2 and Computer 3. My idea is to sync “Downloads” folder on every computer to the correspondent folder on AMC/Downloads - Computer 1, 2, or 3.
I did it in the past and it was working perfectly. Recently, I bought a new notebook to replace the older one. I’ve installed odrive and tried to sync to folder Downloads to a new subfolder under AMC/Downloads. For my surprise, odrive sync is creating a new folder “Downloads” under Computer 4 folder. Why?
All other my computers have sync to odrive on downloads folder directly to a subfolder on AMC/downloads with a different name. It’s working. So, why this new notebook is working in a different way?

I have a Premium account. My older computers have odrive version prod 6302 and my new notebook has odrive version prod 6306.

I need your help.

Thanks in advance.

The behavior for this ended up changing a while ago because it was causing lots of confusion and misconfiguration for users who expected a new folder to be made on the remote with the same name as the local and ended up syncing to the wrong folder.

It happened so often that we had to change it to create a folder with the same name as the local source folder, unless the remote folder chosen was already the same name.

Given your use case, you would have to use an additional folder to create the Download folder differentiation. So something like:
AMC/Computer 1/Downloads
AMC/Computer 2/Downloads
AMC/Computer 3/Downloads

My apologies for the inconvenience.