Symlink out of odrive folder


I am using odrive to sync my itunes library and another library from my music folder between 2 macs.
I am using a mac, latests odrive and os x.

The setup is as follows:

Actualy folders:
/Users/oli/Music/Other Music

/Users/oli/odrive/Google Cloud Storage/iTunes => /Users/oli/Music/iTunes
/Users/oli/odrive/Google Cloud Storage/Other Music => /Users/oli/Music/Other Music

I need to keep the original folders in their original location to preserve the file paths within the databases (the “other music” is also a database that HAS to remain in ~/Music) so tried making a symlink, and this actually works, odrive does indeed sync the contents, this is good. However, changes to the folders do not get updated whilst odrive is running, I have to quit and relaunch the app for changes to be detected, then they start uploading when odrive starts.

I don’t want to use the “sync to odrive” feature as that maintains 2 copies of the folder, which with gigs of music I don’t want to do.

Can anyone help with this? I’d rather that changes were detected without having to quit/relaunch odrive.



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Hi @oli.griffiths,
Let me preface this by saying that this isn’t a configuration we officially support.

Because these are symlinks, odrive is not able to receive filesystem notifications to know when there is a local change. This means it needs to wait for an intermittent local scan to pick these up, which should happen about every 30 minutes or so.

Using “sync to odrive” would pick these changes up faster.

In this case you would right-click-> unsync the corresponding folder in the default odrive folder location to prevent duplication.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
That makes sense about the change tracking.

Regarding the “sync to odrive”,
If I have /Users/oli/Music/folder and “sync to odrive”
Then I navigate to /Users/oli/odrive/folder and right click and “unsync” then will it continue to track changes in /Users/oli/Music/folder ?

Would this work better for me rather than symlinks?


Hi @oli.griffiths,
That is correct. You should get much quicker change pickup with the “sync to odrive” option.