Switch between two odrive accounts?

Is it possible to easily switch between 2 odrive accounts?

I have one odrive for my work purposes, linked to all my work drives, the second account connect to all my personal cloud drives. I am using the same computer for both usage, office in the morning, personal out of working hours.

Hi @ArthurG,
This is an interesting request. Usually folks will keep work and personal on separate systems, or separate OS users.

Do you want to have the storage from each account wiped-out when you switch between accounts, or will the data still be on-disk (at least the downloaded data) for each account, and you would just switch between “actively” using it for each account?

Hi @Tony ,

I am ok to wipeout the downloaded data when switching between account, either will be fine!

My office is currently implementing BYOD (Bring your own devices) for work purposes, that is why this suddenly becomes necessary.

Hi @gunawan.arthur,
If you use the " Authorized User"->“Deauthorize” option in the odrive tray menu, this will move the current odrive to a backup folder (which you can remove, if you wish) and allow you to login as a new user.

Just make sure that everything you’ve edited has been uploaded before deauthorizing :slight_smile:

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