Support of B2 supported in v6271 (Mac)?

As of oDrive version 6271 for Mac, does oDrive fully support B2’s API? That is, does it support:

  • reading AND writing files
  • handling large files in the manner B2 handles natively so that files are segmented behind the scenes?
  • file metadata is preserved such as all dates, ownership, modes, etc…

Hi @DarfNader,
No changes have been deployed for B2.

For future reference, all notes on releases are in the “Release Notes” section of the forum, here:

For 6271, specifically, the notes are here:

I will make sure future release notes have the version in the title for better browsing.

Additionally, any major additions/changes, like adding write support for B2, will also be announced in the announcements section, here:

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