Support: No sync files but sync folders are there

Hi there, I have been using odrive for a few weeks - all working really well - premium version. I recently moved some files around in odrive (connected to dropbox) and I have synced all the folders but downloaded nothing - usually I just see placeholder files - but now I have all the folders but cant see the files at all. The files exist in dropbox and also I can see them on odrive through a browser - but not on my mac. I used to be able to see them all - but I think something has happened since I moved my files inside another folder. Any thoughts?

Hello - I’ve solved this. (sort of)

I moved a folder in odrive that contained a lot of nested folders and files. When it moved it did not copy / move everything. This is annoying - many folders were copied but the contents were not. However I managed to restore from the trash so all files are safe - also they were never deleted from dropbox as odrive doesn’t delete things until you tell it to.

So I’m not resyncing the old folder in the original place just to make sure I have all my files. I’m not sure if I’ll try to move this large folder again or if I’ll just work with it where its at.


Did you move the folder to another source our outside odrive?

Placeholder files can not be moved across sources. They need to be downloaded (blue checkmark) before you reorganize them across sources or move them outside odrive.

Migration is on our list to directly support.

Hi Peter,

thanks for responding - all files were inside one dropbox account. However I did move from a personal folder to a team folder a few days prior - so that may have caused an issue that I didn’t know about.

Either way - I’m restoring from trash the original folder and it looks like its restoring ok - when I get all my files back I may try something else - or I may just leave it alone and keep the folder where it is as I cant risk losing these files.

hopefully kind of resolved for now.

Ok. The behavior is consistent with trying to migrate placeholder files. Most likely, Dropbox did not allow the “move” when we called their API. Switching from personal to team folder could be the issue.

If you need to move the files, right-click sync everything. This will allow you to move the files anywhere … even across sources.

Hi Peter - thanks- that logic makes sense with what I was experiencing. Thanks again.