SugarSync integration

SugarSync? Missing? When to be added?

We don’t have any immediate plans to integrate to SugarSync, but we would love to hear if there are others that would also be interested in this integration.

I would love to see a SugarSync integration as well.


I would pay for Odrive if it supported SugarSync!

Please add this feature.

I would like to have Sugarsync added. I want to eventually move all my clients to ODrive (once some key features are added – selective sub-folder no-sync, web sorting by date/name, decrypt w/o ODrive), as I have several dozen clients on Sugarsync due to it’s folder sync flexibility, but would like to use ODrive as a transition for that changeover.

Yes, please add SugarSync. This would be a valuable addition.

This question was asked over 2 years ago. So here it is again. Sugarsync. Why is this major cloud and backup/sync service not available to be included in ODrive? You have all the serious ones… except Sugarsync. How long do I have to hold my breath…?

Hi @mbrancheau,
I apologize that we haven’t been able to add this yet. We would like to add it, but there hasn’t been a strong enough demand to prioritize it over other things.