Suddenly unable to add sync folders

I’m using a free account and my trial expired 2 days ago. Today I rebooted my PC for the first time since trial expired and now it says No sync folders registered and I can’t add a folder. I’m confused by reading the free vs. paid features. With a free account is it really I can’t perform a simple sync of folders? Am I only able to download files but not upload them?

Hi @jarrid.kleinfelter,
You can upload and download within the default odrive folder with the free version (select “open odrive folder” from the odrive menu to navigate there).
Please refer to the usage guide for more details:

With the free version you cannot create “sync to odrive” folders, which allow you to sync any existing local folder to a remote location. Please refer to this section of the usage guide for more details:

For a full rundown of free vs premium, take a look at this post: