Stuck sync on OS X

I have a stuck sync. Most of my folders throw a "Can’t sync
${folder} Unexpected error. Please try later.

My box-based storage is in that state, and I’m not even seeing my
recently re-added amazon cloud drive folder showing up in the
odrive directory.

I’ve sent a diag file.

Host is OSX 10.13 latest.

Hi @cdl,
The diagnostic is showing an error in the local tracking database. It is uncommon, but can happen if there is a disk error during database writing, sudden power loss, unexpected application termination, etc.

The easiest way to recover is to deauthorize odrive (odrive menu->Authorized User->Deauthorize) and then re-login. This backs-up (renames) the current odrive folder and then creates a new one, for a fresh start on the local system with fresh local databases.