Struggling with client not starting

i have the ability to sync to odrive but no destination window pops up. also the desktop does not respond when i try to open it.

Hi @melindam,
Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing, so I can get a better understanding of the issue?

Are you able to send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

i do not even have an odrive folder to view.

the odrive does not open, i do not have these options when i right click on it in the task bar. i have an option to send diagnostic but not seeing what you are seeing in Windows.

i sign in and it says login unable to connect. but i am connect to the network. IT has confirmed also, they have uninstalled and redownloaded. when i try to open the odrive (pinned to task bar) nothing happened. now it displays a black window has one line of code on it then closes.
i am at a complete loss as to how to trouble shoot this.

Hi @melindam,

I see that you sent a diagnostic. Looking through that, the errors that are being encountered are related to SSL certificate verification. We have seen this before when a company has a restrictive firewall or is performing SSL decryption/inspection on the network traffic, which will break our strict certificate validation. It can also be due to software running on the local computer that is performing some active scanning/blocking/network inspection.

Unfortunately you probably need to get your IT team involved on this issue. Are you able to send an e-mail to and include your IT contact? I can work with them on the specifics.

Generally, for the IT team’s knowledge, my guess is that this is due to SSL decryption/inspection of odrive HTTPS traffic. You can likely solve this issue by whitelisting the following domains for decryption:

or, just the domain, in general

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