Streaming content from odrive shared links/odrive webapp

I still can’t justify switching to odrive from Dropbox.

I mostly share videos (H264) and the “share link” option is crummy.

The link I generate for odrive from the Finder (a) does not even give a thumbnail for an uploaded video, nor (b) allow to view the video within the browser.

Whereas if I generate a share link for the same file from Amazon Cloud Drive, it creates a nice full-window playable preview.

At the very least odrive should have the option to grab the original ACD link.

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I’ve changed this to a feature request. It is something we would like to offer, but it is not a priority at this point in time.

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When sharing media files located on Dropbox using Dropbox’s own native share links, the page generated contains a media player, so that the file can be streamed from the cloud without needing to be downloaded, if desired.

This is extremely useful for sharing media files. It’s not always the case that you’re sending a file with the intention that the recipient actually downloads it - sometimes both parties just want to send/receive a clip of something to listen to without downloading it.

This kind of functionality would be killer for odrive. Ideally, it should support:

  • share links with an embedded media player, in addition to a download link
  • the “Sharing” tab on a user’s odrive account page should track Plays, in addition to Visits

I think this kind of functionality would be extremely useful and would be a killer app for odrive

Thanks @mustgroove. I added your comments to this thread.

Thanks @Tony. I think it’s worth pointing out that video, image and audio files have different needs in this area.

Dropbox gives you a pretty full-featured web player for audio - progress bar, volume control, and waveform overview. As a 1st step the progress bar would be enough, the rest is nice but not essential IMO.

Thanks @mustgroove. I’ve highlighted your feedback to the product team. This is something we would like to offer in the future.

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