"Stop Sync" apparently not working

I am experimenting with ODrive while embarking in a sorely needed restructuring of my messy local and cloud storage.

So I started to upload my 300+ Gb of photos to my Amazon Cloud Drive using the “Sync to odrive” function; then I decided to copy some other smaller, but more urgently needed folders to new locations on other cloud storages (OneDrive, mostly).

In order to accelerate the process of moving the latter files to the cloud, I decided to stop syncing the photos: so I clicked on “Stop Sync” on the source folder, but apparently to no avail: photos continued to queue up and upload. Then I tried “Remove sync”, which in fact disconnected the source folder from ODrive (in the contextual menu I see only the “Sync to odrive” option, and I don’t have any more a “Go to ‘source folder’” in my ODrive menu): but files continue to queue and to upload (I have at the moment some 2700 files and counting…).

All in all, I’m stuck with an upload process which will take probably some days of my upstream connection and I can’t find a way to stop it or at least to prioritize items.

Can you help me with that?


Hi Angelo,
“Stop Sync” on an individual folder will only stop in-progress items. For downloads, this will stop them until you decide to download again. For uploads this will stop the currently transferring items, but they will be picked up again. The only way to stop uploads is to use the global “Stop Sync” in the odrive tray menu, but that wouldn’t really help your situation either.

What is unexpected is that you are still seeing items queued up after removing sync from a local folder. Can you try restarting the client to see if that stops?

In fact, I stopped the client and restarted the system, which fixed the strange behavior. Anyway, some 1,500 files have been uploaded to Amazon Drive after I removed sync from my local folder: well, I guess I’ll have less work to do when I resume syncing…

Thank you


Thanks for the info. I will ask QA to check into that behavior