Still required to "request permission" or "switch user" when accessing Google Drive files

I’ve added 4 different Google Drive accounts to my odrive. I’ve downloaded the Mac desktop client so that I can access the different drives from my Mac Finder. All 4 accounts are visible. And all my files are synced in each of those accounts. But if I’m signed into Google Drive account #1 and double click on a file in Google Drive account #2 it says I need to ask permission or switch accounts.

What am I doing wrong?

Or do I misunderstand what odrive is?

I thought the whole point was that I would no longer have to keep switching accounts.

Thanks for your help

Hi @thebrandongoodwin,
Are you seeing this with Google Doc files? If so, this is expected. There isn’t a way for us to get around Google’s requirement in this case because Google Docs are a “cloud only” file. This means we cannot sync the contents down, so when you double-click on a Google Doc, we send you to Google’s web client, which requires you to be logged in as the proper user.

You can avoid this by using files that are not in the Google Doc format and can be synced locally (Microsoft formats, for example).

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.

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