Splited file 50 gb

hi there please active splited files to 50 gb for uploading amazon drive (limited 50 gb per file)

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Hi @karmania,
Given Amazon Drive’s current upload quirks, a 50 GB segment size would not be practical as I expect it would fail more time than not. In my opinion, 2GB is pushing it already for very reliable upload, but folks with a stable, fast connection can use 2GB with success.

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Are encrypted files splitted as well…? I have 2gb split configured but see no split in the files. I too suffer from uploads > 10gb - this is nearly impossible.

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Hi @roger2,
Currently IFS should work with encryption (it may require an odrive restart after enabling), but I would recommend holding off on using it until we can push our next major release out. There are a couple of issues with re-download of encrypted IFS files that can make them tough to download, especially if they are on the larger side. Those download issues will be addressed in the upcoming release.


Thank you very much. In this case I will wait!

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