Split Large Files

The way this is implemented is complete non-sense. Why don’t you just upload chunks and consolidate to the first chunk when uploaded? Don’t keep them split. I’m using this as a backup sync to Amazon Drive. If I ever need to have an immediate restore of a certain file without odrive, I can’t. I also need this “chunk’d” upload for my crappy Transmit speed,

Feature Request: Change from split large files to chunk’d uploads. This makes more sense.

Also… can you guys throw something in that I can actually recombine files while they’re in the cloud? My entire movie collection is up there… and it’d be painful to make a copy of every single damn one. Thanks.

(Will buy if added).

The Amazon Drive API does not support resuming uploads or breaking files into multiple, independent chunks for upload.

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What about S3? Maybe that’s a better choice to use here then. Sucks. Guess I’ll have to wait until I move to re-upload this stuff.

S3 is very flexible, but the economics and usability are not as good as Amazon Drive :frowning:

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In our blog post on IFS, there are a couple of scripts that can be used to reassemble IFS files without odrive, if needed.

One of the primary reasons we created IFS is because Amazon Drive does not support chunked upload/upload resume. I am hoping that they will in the future, but until then we have given users a way to get their large stuff up to Amazon Drive.

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