'Spaces' members don't have access to shared space

I just create a new ‘Space’ which is inside Amazon Cloud Drive and share it with my friend. Unfortunately he doesn’t see that Space in his ‘Links’ list despite the fact, that he accepted the invitation. Is this because he doesn’t also have Amazon Cloud Drive?


I got the same problem, in the same conditions (Amazon Cloud Drive, etc…)
I don’t know how to solve it, as I tried everything mentioned in the documentation.

I confirm the same problem here too.


We apologize for any inconvenience, I do see the problem which may prevent users from accepting the space. Here is an alternative way to “Join Space”

  1. Make sure you are not currently logged into odrive web client (logout from the webclient)
  2. Open invitation email
  3. Click the invitation link provided in email
  4. Click “Sign-in & Link Space”
  5. Login into odrive web client with valid credentials / source.

Please confirm if above solution works for you while our engineering team pushes the fix. I will leave a message in this thread as soon as problem is fully eliminated and tested by our team.


  • Asif

Works for me, thanks :slight_smile:

Works for me too, thanks a lot.
Nevertheless, I had to try twice to see “Sign-in & Link Space”.
The first time, I had on a “Link Space” button and it failed.

Thanks again.

Awesome thanks, We are pushing out a fix in our coming web release which I expect within 12 - 24 hours

Next web release announcement should also have the fix in place

Thank you everyone for your patience…!

This is out now…! =) New web release today! (05-17-2016)