"Spaces" Invitee Connection & File Update Issue

I followed the instructions and invited a friend to use a “Spaces” folder I created so he can read and update the files in the folder. When he clicks the link he is asked to sign in using a partner account and he chose Facebook. He did not get any icons placed on his desktop but he was then able to see the file list and double click the file icon for one of the files. This downloaded a copy of the file to his download folder and he was able to update it; however, there was no way for him to save it back to the “Spaces” folder.
1. How does an invitee save an updated file back to the “Spaces” folder?
2. Please post a sample document of a “Spaces” invitee connection session.

Thank You

Once your friend has been added to a Space, he should be able to upload to it unless the storage source you shared was read-only (e.g. Facebook or Gmail).

If the storage you were sharing was a traditional cloud storage source, he should have been able to upload (whether using the webclient or by downloading and installing the desktop sync client from docs.odrive.com).

Here’s the documentation page for sharing with spaces: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/share-with-odrive#section-share-storage-with-spaces

As you can see, if you shared your storage location as “Family Photo Repository”, your friend should see “Family Photo Repository” as a linked storage in their odrive folder, just as you see “Google Drive” or “Dropbox” in your top-level linked storage folder list.

Let me know if that helps or if you’ve got further questions.