Sorting (Folders First)

I realize there are some OS based limitations because you are using a placeholder, but what about allowing Folders to be sorted first, last, or A-Z with files? Would it not be possible to mark those and display them in its own section if so wanted by the user? Maybe an option would be to allow an option to download folders all the time, regardless of the Auto Download limit. That might solve this problem…


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So, this is not a perfect solution, but you can try it out if you like. This will facilitate sorting by “Type” in Windows Explorer, which will get closer to the behavior you want.

If you change the registry value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\Odrive.CloudFolder\Default to something like 0drive Folder (that is a zero as the O), it will allow you to sort by “Type” in Explorer and show placeholder folders right below “real” folders. It doesn’t allow them to be sorted by name together, but it may be an improvement for what you need.

After making the change you will need to restart Explorer.

As for your idea of always syncing the structure, this is something that will be possible in Pro when we introduce “sticky sync”, which will allow you to set auto-expand of new folders in a specified structure.

That is better, so I am going to go with that for now. I appreciate the suggestion but I would prefer more consistent behavior with the OS. At least now I can try to see if this works good enough before considering PRO.

Thank you

Hi Tony!

I tested setting the value to 0, 1, 0drive Folder, 0drive, O.
Everytime restarted Windows but nothing changed.

Could you help me?

Thank you.

Hi @akatato,
You should just need to change the value of “Default” under that key to 0drive Folder. Take a look at the screenshot below:

You’ll need to restart Explorer after doing this. To do this you can just open up the Task Manager, right-click on “Windows Explorer” in the “Processes” tab, and click on “Restart”