Something like a "Work Mode" to work on large files directly in Cloud storage

I’ve had this idea for a while now to have a feature that temporarily stops the sync of a particular folder until you starts it again. Sometimes, you have a large file to work on, and you can’t work on it directly in cloud, because as soon as you save it, it will start uploading.

This is particularly the case for me. I’ve uploaded my whole work folder (4 years of hard work) in Google Drive. I want to keep it updated, so the best way to do it is to work directly in Drive. But, sometimes the files reach hundreds of mb and it needs to be saved constantly.

So, it’d be great to have a “Work Mode” or something like that, which could stop the sync of a particular folder until you choose to sync it again. I hope you’ll find this interesting.

Hi @mohit,
Thanks for the suggestion. You are probbaly already aware, but we have a “Stop automatic sync” option that is available from the odrive tray menu that will prevent automatic/background syncing until started again. This will not stop manual downloads or expands of placeholder files, however, so you can still pull data down while this is set.

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Thank you for letting me know. No, I didn’t know about that, I used it for the first time today. This was the only feature I needed and it has that too. :slight_smile:
Which makes odrive the best option for me.

Thank you for the great app.

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