Some synced folders missing checkmarks

Two of the folders I have synced with Odrive are missing checkmarks of any kind. They are listed in the “Sync with Odrive” submenu and the sync seems to be working, but it worries me that they have no checkmarks, and it means I can’t keep an eye on the sync status of their contents. What might be causing this? I’m on Mac Mojave.

Hi @alisoncastle,
You do not see any file badges anywhere within the “sync to odrive” folder, or are you only missing the badges at the top level? The “sync to odrive” folder, itself, won’t have any badging, but the files/folders underneath should.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a close look?

Hi @Tony, the folders in question have no badges at all, either on the top level or any subfolders. The rest of my synced folders are showing badges as expected. I sent a diagnostic as requested. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @alisoncastle,
Unfortunately the diagnostic didn’t make it over.

A couple more questions:
-Do you see the right-click context menus in these folders (unsync refresh, etc.), despite not seeing the overlays?
-Can you take a look at the MacOS “System Preferences” -> “Extensions” and see if you have any other extensions enabled (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc). Sometimes these can conflict with the odrive extension and prevent the badging or context menus from showing up.

Does a reboot of the system make any difference?

Can you try sending one more diagnostic, please?

Hi @Tony, this morning, without me doing anything or rebooting, the badges are back on those folders in question. But to answer your question: before the badges reappeared, the contextual menus did indicate that the folders were being synced, because I had options like “unsync” and “refresh.” So it seems that everything was behaving as expected except the badges. Hopefully this issue is resolved, but if it happens again I’ll pop back here. Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the update @alisoncastle! I’m glad to hear the badges are back.