Some sub folders not syncing

I have a folder that’s been on my Google Drive for months. It has several sub folders. All the sub folders will sync except for one which just will not appear on my computer. And of course it’s the sub folder that I need synced the most. The sub folder in turn has many more sub folders and is a big folder but it’s been in use for nearly a year so there is no way it could have taken this long to appear on my desktop.

With the same Google Drive account I also have other sub folders that aren’t appearing.

I haven’t found this issue with any of my other Google Drive accounts but I can’t see anything around the permissions of the sub folder and it’s contents and I’m listed as the owner.

Any suggestions?

Hi @jacqueline,
Is it possible that this folder has some characters in it that are not allowed by your operating system? (Why are some of my files/folders missing from odrive? (Google Drive and others)).

Do you see anything listed in the “not allowed” section in the odrive menu?

Hi Tony
That was exactly the problem! Thank you. I didn’t know that was a thing.
I have changed the name and so it’s now happily syncing away!

Thank you

Great @jacqueline! Thanks for the follow-up.