Some Hipchat rooms not listed in the odrive Desktop Client (@Ryan)

I recently linked Odrive to my HipChat account, to sync all Rooms and download files in HipChat. However, for some reason, three or so Rooms don’t seem to appear in the Odrive folder. Meaning they aren’t being synced. Is there a possible fix for this?

Can you provide a couple names of the rooms that are not showing? It is possible they contain characters that are not allowed within the filesystem.

Also, can you check the odrive web app ( to see if the rooms show there, when you browse?

Hi Tony,

Not showing in my Odrive folder on computer, are: Rooms -

Brokerage Scaling
Newsletter / Writing
Philanthropy / Events
Books / Resources

To your point, I thought that the “/” character might be a “not allowed character” within the filesystem.

So I changed that Room Name from “Brokerage / Scaling” to “Brokerage Scaling”

But that didn’t seem to fix the “non-sync” issue within the Odrive folder on my computer.

On the actual Odrive website, yes, those Folders are synced.


Hi @ryan

I think the “/” character was the likely cause. You may need to issue a right-click->odrive refresh on the parent folder of those folders to get them to pull down after renaming. Have you tried that yet?

Hey @Tony

Yes, I tried that. Didn’t work.

Hi Ryan,
Let’s try a more aggressive method where we will unlink and relink Hipchat. Make sure you’ve renamed all of the Rooms that have a “/” in them, so we don’t have to do this again:

  1. Go to and unlink Hipchat
  2. Restart odrive
  3. Relink Hipchat (
  4. Right-click->odrive refresh on the odrive folder to pick up Hipchat quickly
  5. Drill into the Rooms and see if they show now.

Thanks, I think that worked.

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