Some files get stuck in waiting

some files are waiting changes will auto retry
and never sync or can be deleted

are files that are no longer in the dropbox and get sync error in odrive

how to solve this?

Hi @natalia.santana,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and I will take a look?

Hi @Tony,
i sent diagnostic as you requested

Hi @natalia.santana,
The diagnostic is showing an error in the local tracking database. This can happen if there is a disk error during database writing, sudden power loss, unexpected application termination, etc.

The easiest way to recover is to deauthorize odrive (odrive menu->Authorized User->Deauthorize) and then re-login. This backs-up (renames) the current odrive folder and then creates a new one, for a fresh start on the local system with fresh local databases.

You can then copy in any data that had previously not synced and it should start working again.

I did as you instructed.
but when you deauthorize the application it is terminated
when I start again, it reappears as it was before,
the odrive folder is not renamed and the files are waiting

Hi @natalia.santana,
Okay, lets do this instead:

  1. Close odrive.
  2. Rename your odrive folder to odrive-backup
  3. Uninstall odrive
  4. Reinstall odrive
  5. Sign-in

Now your odrive folder will be back to its original state, where all links are listed as placeholders. you should be able to sync freely now.
You can copy any files that had not synced previously from the odrive-backup folder you made into the fresh odrive folder.