Some files are always locally overwritten


I use odrive for a while now. Thanks for the great work,

macOS Catalina 10.15.1
OneDrive Personal

My problem is that some of my photos in my sync folders are always overwritten by their version in the cloud. More details: I change the exif data (IPC:Keywords) of some images using exiftool, sync the containing folder, and the exifdata changes are gone.

It seems like that odrive somehow thinks that the local file is older than the cloud file. Is there a way to make sure that the local file will be treated as the latest modified file?

Thanks so much!

Hi @humenberger,
Are you able to reproduce this issue on-demand? If so, can you run through the process of updating a file’s EXIF data, uploading the change, then waiting for the change to be negated?

Once that has happened, please send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let me know what the filename is so I can take a closer look at what is happening.

Hi @Tony!
I just sent the diagnostics. Basically all files which were recently synchronized were overwritten by the cloud versions.
Such as: OneDrive/Fotos/Union Mariahilf/Union Mariahilf Punschstand/Union Mariahilf Punschstand 2015/Union_Mariahilf_Punschstand_2015_2014-12-13-12.53.06.JPG

Can you see which fields/data cause the decision that the cloud version is newer than the local version (which is not the case)?

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Hi @humenberger,
I took a look at the diagnostic and here is what I see:

  • You make a change to the file, which is uploaded
  • Some time later, OneDrive reports that the file size has changed. In this case, the size changed from 2822045 bytes to 2822057 bytes
  • odrive downloads the “new” file, with the changed size.

It seems like the file is being changed on the remote side, somehow. Possibly by OneDrive?

After you make the EXIF change and upload the file via odrive, can you go to the OneDrive web client, download that file (outside of odrive), and see if the change you made seems to be present in the remote file?

Hi @Tony,

Yeah the problem seems to be that OneDrive changes the files for some reason. I guess I have to ask them what’s going on.

Thanks a lot and best,

Thanks for the update @humenberger. I’m curious to know what OneDrive says.