Some file always go to waiting state

There are many my files usually in syncing state for 5% ~ 15% then go to the waiting state.

Is there any log I can check what happened ? I’m not sure what’s happened !

ps. I using Amazon Cloud Drive and odrive is version 5491 on Mac

We are working on a log that will allow you to better understand these instances. In the meantime can you please send me a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu along with the names of the files you are seeing with this behavior?


I send now. You can check all keyword about “Harry Potter” .ts and .mkv file.

Hope hear good news.

I took a look and can see many network connection-related errors at the time of the report. Some examples:
The write operation timed out
The handshake operation timed out
Broken pipe

This indicates general network instability. It is possible Amazon was having issues at the time, or your own connection was having issues. Are you still seeing this behavior now?


I will keep checking. Actually, this issue has been for awhile.



I try the amazon cloud drive app on Mac, it works very well and upload 30G file (one big file ) to ACD. successfully (only cause 3 and half hours ). So I don’t think this issue is caused by network instability.


I send a diagnostic now, it happened again and my network now is busy but smoothly.

The diagnostics show network errors again: “The write operation timed out” Unfortunately it is difficult to say why this would be happening.

You are seeing this behavior only on Windows? Can you try adding the large files, one at a time, to see if they go up individually? It may be that there is concurrency, which exacerbates the issue.


Their app is no problem to up load many files. I think that is because only 4 files can be uploaded at the same time.

odrive can do many more than 4 at a time, so it could be a factor there. For the files that are having trouble, I would suggest an experiment, by pulling them out of the odrive folder and then adding them in, one or two at a time to see if the results are better.