[SOLVED] FR: Temp files file extension shouldn't be random


File extension is a very handy concept which allows search and filter file list.
The key is that one file extension is linked to one file in particular.

Temp files (currently being downloading) with oDrive have random extension name,
like .~de4dbaef-66fc-4888-a725-fd0957972c93

This is bad practice, IMHO. I understand why a unique identifier might be needed but why not in file name rather than extension ?

For some reason I had to delete several Go of temp files (I dont know what sync error cause them), but I wasn’t able to make any relevant search based on fiile extension cause it was random.

Why not use .cloudtemp for eg ?

This would allow to quickly filter all temp files in a folder.

Thx for listening !

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Hi @extremraym,
This file name format was chosen to provide a universally unique temporary name across all platforms. We mark the files hidden in Windows, and the naming scheme allows these files to be hidden by default on MacOS and Linux.

I will pass this to the product team to see if there is another pattern that will be more suitable for searches.

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Hi @extremraym,
We released a version that uses a more predictable pattern for filenames:

Temp files now start with .~_o-tmp_ which should allow you to search for them, if needed.

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Thx !

I just recieved the changelog by email of v 10-02-2019

Name pattern changed for temporary odrive files (.~o-tmp …)

Nice ! Great support !

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