Solicited Upload Links (reverse shares) - Similar to Dropbox File Requests

In my cloud migration activities, moving away from primarily Dropbox due to space constraints, I have run into a feature that seems to be mostly unique to Dropbox that would definitely complement the features available in odrive: File Requests.

The way they work on Dropbox, is that you create a link (similar to sharing a folder), but instead of showing the contents and offering them for download, it prompts the user to enter a name/description and upload a file - which will then be placed in the folder in your Dropbox. This is great for requesting files from random people, where organising shared folders with them is impossible/inconvenient and email won’t suffice.

I have multiple use cases for this:

  • Commissioned work, where multiple artists may be submitting works for a single project, to ensure it’s in one place without giving them access to the other works.
  • Video footage, primarily with regard to ingame screen recordings as I provide a central point for a community I am part of to submit footage of memorable moments, to be later made into montages and uploaded to YouTube.
  • Sending files home from various places - using a shorturl I can easily remember, I am able to upload a file from any PC I might be on without worrying about compromising any account details.

There is another service I am trialing to see if it is functional enough for my uses (Filepiper) however it only supports uploading the files to Dropbox (which seems pointless), Google Drive and OneDrive. Having either this functionality natively integrated with odrive the way shares are currently would be an amazing improvement!

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Thanks for the suggestion @yukihyou.

This sort of “blind” uploading is something we’ve discussed before. I agree it would be a cool feature to have. I’ve asked the product team to take a look at your post for consideration.


I am 100% behind this. Or, if possible, even allowing someone whom a folder has been shared with have the ability to upload their own files.

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