Software update

would be good to have a “check new software” option in the tray icon.

We actually check for updates at regular, frequent intervals and autoupdate the client when we get a chance to do so. It is generally transparent, so you don’t notice it. Occasionally we will push out an update that requires a full installer flow. In those cases we will pop a window to inform you and give you the option to remind later or perform the update.

I am running 4894 - I see 4952 is the latest on the website. I never been asked to upgrade.
MacOSX 10.10.5


We haven’t pushed the new version out yet to autoupdater, but we probably will today. We generally wait a day or so after releasing to the web page to push to autoupdater.

ok - let see … i can wait a few days.

You should see that you have a new version now. :slight_smile:

indeed … done !!