SmugMug link connector

Would love to see a SmugMug connector as well!


I’m not too familiar with SmugMug, other than the basics. How do you see yourself using an integration to them via odrive?


(sorry for the late reply - I didn’t see the update)
I bit like facebook is implemented. Collections(Albums) in SmugMug becomes folders on the local machine. They do have a concept of ‘Folders’ that can contain ‘Collections’ but not individual photos. The obvious functionality is Collections<->Folders (and the images within) but of course a strech goal would be to make folders for keywords, searches etc - like the Instagram connector…

The API is here:
Let me know if you need help!

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I’d like to second this request – I would love the ability to backup my Smugmug onto my Google Drive (two step process via local drive is fine).

Thank you!

Hi I also would like to support this request to sync folder structure and albums with Smug Mug. If this could also add other cloud services for photos and videos such as Flickr and if possible (understand it may not be) Google Photos that would be absolutely awesome.

SmugMug would be a very welcome addition to odrive.

I only discovered odrive a couple of days ago but really wished I had discovered it sooner - it’s a great product and the multi platform support is a great feature.

Keep up the good work.


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I really wish this were available. Smugmug seems to be fairly easy to work with. Quite a few 3rd party tools are listed on their site. I don’t see a true syncing tool available, the api may have limitations that prevent it. Still, it would be great to have a more capable method of uploading photo & video backups.

Here are some of the 3rd party apps that work with the service.

This is a syncing tool that looks promising but its command line.