Slow Upload through oDrive to Google Drive

Hello- I just created an account and am syncing a small folder for test purposes to Google Drive through odrive. The folder is 200mb, and I am on gigabit fiber (1000/1000), so this folder should upload within a matter of seconds. However, it has been syncing the folder for 30 minutes now, and still nowhere near completion. I have already told odrive to use unlimited bandwidth. Any suggestions? odrive isn’t going to work for me if the software crawls like this. I have gigabit fiber, I need to utilize my speeds, I have 20TB to upload to Google Drive. Thanks for the help. I have sent a diagnostic file.

Hi @zach1,
How many files/folders is in the 200MB that is being uploaded?

If there are lots of small files the upload will be more limited by concurrency than file upload speed. odrive will prioritize smaller files over larger files during an upload, so if there is a mix, you can see slower initial performance and then a speed up as the files become larger

Even considering that, the performance you are seeing does seem slow, unless you have lots and lots of tiny files. I just ran a 400MB upload test to Google Drive with 550 objects and it took about 10 minutes on my system. I also ran a 400MB, single file test and that only took a couple of minutes.

If you do have a lot of small files, you can try adjusting an advanced feature to allow for more upload concurrency:
There is a file in the root of the odrive folder named odrive_user_premium_conf.txt that has a parameter named max_concurrent_uploads. Change the value 4 to a higher number, like 20, save the file and restart odrive (The change requires an odrive restart to take effect).

See if that offers better performance for your data set. Also note that changing the Set bandwidth throttling setting from the odrive menu after making this config file change will reset to default throttling settings until the next odrive restart, so don’t adjust that setting after making this change.

Thanks Tony for the tips. I will give that a try. Yes, the folder that I was sampling was a lot of small files, so many that was a reason for the slow down. Thanks very much, will let you know if I still have issues. Appreciate the quick reply. if I can get your software to work fast and take advantage of my network, I think it will be a great solution for me.

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