Slow to Sync latest files


I’ve been using odrive for some time now, syncing my files between my desktop and a couple of laptops. The services that I sync to are dropbox, Amazon S3, my corporate one drive and a now depreciated Google Drive.

Most of the files are flagged for synchronisation across the services but very few change on a daily basis.

The frustration is that in a working day I would usually change perhaps 20 of the files that I synchronise, but all of these are critical. One in particular is a mind map which essentially is my current work-space.

None of the files that regularly change are over 200 MB.

What I find hugely frustrating is that at the end of the day when I finish working on my files and shut the surface pro down the most recently altered files are not immediately synchronised to the cloud.

This means that when I get home, I have to open my surface pro and leave it connected to the network for anything up to an hour before the file synchronise. This of course completely defeats the point of cloud synchronisation as I might as well just continue to work on the surface pro!

I love the concept of odrive, especially the file sharing simplicity, but it is simply not efficient enough at the moment to reliably save me time.

So my question is, is this normal behaviour? The following question would be, is there any way to prioritise files so that they are rapidly synchronised on change and I don’t have the situation that I described above?

Any help from the company or community would be greatly appreciated,

All the best,


Hi @geoff1,
odrive relies on what are called ‘filesystem events’ to pick up local changes quickly. Once odrive does pick up a change it will try to sync it right away. It sounds as though those filesystem events may not be firing.

Can you run through this scenario again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu after 5 minutes or so? Please provide the path of the file that was changed and then I can take a closer look at things.