Slack to Odrive Auto-Sync Questions

As the title implies I have some questions about automatically syncing files from Slack to the local odrive folder on my computer.

Right now, I have set up my Slack with Odrive, and selected the directory for one Slack conversation to be synced. This works well, and new files added to that conversation are automatically synced to the folder every time I open the folder. However, I was wondering if there is a way for the sync to occur without me manually opening the folder on my PC?

My hope for this is to be able to open up my laptop on a plane or while otherwise offline and have all the files from a conversation there waiting for me. Right now this is only possible if I specifically went and opened the folder before going offline, triggering a sync. Is there a way for this to happen automatically in the background? Once an hour? Once a day?

Not sure if this would classify as a feature requst or something that is already there that I just haven’t found yet. Either way, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @tkeller,
You have folder sync rules applied to that folder to always download new files and folders?

If so, new files should download automatically in the background, but it could take up to an hour or so for odrive to see the new changes on Slack and download them. Do you see the new files show up automatically if you wait long enough?

Browsing into the folder will trigger an immediate refresh of that folder (instead of waiting for odrive to refresh on its own), which is why you will see activity when you open a folder that has changes.