Size Mismatch: Unable to sync Word documents

I am unable to open/sync any Word document from my odrive. All other file types (pdf, excel, etc.) sync normally except Word documents. If Is there a fix for this issue?

Hi @PDL,
This indicates that the storage is reporting a different size for the file than what size it actually is.

There isn’t a way to tell odrive to ignore the size inconsistency, at the moment. Hitting this should be very infrequent, but I have seen it come up more than it should with OneDrive and Slack.

What storage is this?

I’m beginning to think we should allow for an option to override this check since it seems there are several providers that end up storing the wrong information for the file.

We use OneDrive. I was reading around the forum trying to find a similar issue, but our situation seems unique in that only our Word documents will not sync while everything else syncs fine. An override option seems like it would do the trick, is there anything else I can try for now?

Hi @PDL,
Can you try the following, just as a test?

  • Download one of the files showing this issue from the odrive web client, or OneDrive web client.
  • Change the name of the file and then upload back to OneDrive via the web client.
  • See if that new file can be downloaded via the odrive desktop client.

You can download these via our web client, since it doesn’t have the means to perform a check like this. I am also investigating the possibility of an override, and how that would be presented to the user (and how quickly it could be made available).

Sorry, we’re actually using CenterBase not OneDrive. We can sync Word files from odrive without issue from the computer that we uploaded the documents to CenterBase from, but the file mismatch issue occurs when we try to sync the Word files from different computers. It looks like it’s an issue with CenterBase that we’ll try looking into. Do you have a rough estimate of when (or if) an override option might be available?

Hi @PDL,
We should hopefully have something for you to test to allow disabling the size check in the next day or two.

Hi @PDL,
Our new versions have added some configuration files to the root of the odrive folder that can control more advanced settings. One of these settings is "ignoreSizeMismatch". This is set to false by default, but can be set to true to ignore a size mismatch, if encountered.

Once the setting has been changed, save the config file and restart odrive for it to take effect.