Silent Install and manage?

We are a school that uses both google drive and onedrive. I will like to script the deployment of odrive, but dont know how I can accomplish the setup.

Issue #1 students dont have emails so they wont be able to “confirm” email. They use a generic google and microsoft account with no email attached. How can I create accounts for them to sync?

Issue #2 I want to setup local folders and have those auto sync to both google drive and one drive. Is it possible to automate that?


Hi @cernajose,

  1. Can you clarify what you mean by “generic google and microsoft account”?
    Does each user have a unique account with their own storage for each service?

  2. What is your goal here?
    Is it to automate backup of certain folders to cloud storage?
    Do you want users to work out of their cloud storage, ultimately, or continue to work out of their “default” folders, but have cloud backing?

  1. Generic as in not a personal but one we setup for them under EDU. So each students has both google drives and one drives under accounts.

2.The goal would be to automate and sync their H: drive (home folder) to both google drive and one drive. We have classes with windows devices and some with chromebooks. We are also trying to implement a BYOD policy so syncing their home folder will help with that.

Hi @cernajose,

  1. As long as it is a valid account, odrive should be able to link it just fine. Have you tested yet?

  2. Is the H: drive a Windows network volume on a local file server?
    We don’t currently support syncing one folder to more than one storage backend, but it is something we are looking to do in the future.

Are you wanting to sync to both Google and OneDrive for redundancy, or some other reason?
Have you given thought to migrating from the file server-based home folder to purely cloud storage on one either Google or OneDrive?